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Advertising vendors compete against each other for publishers’ attention. At the same time, Ad Tech companies every day come up with shiny new solutions. Their goals, like in any business are to increase their revenue. With our market intelligence and years of experience in monetizing digital real estate, we take the guesswork out of advertising and orchestrate your operations for peak performance so that you can maximize your revenue.

Every ad impression is precious. Running a supply-side advertising process that yields the highest revenue, impression-by-impression, involves building an advertising stack that is constantly evolving with the changing market. Our approach to creating a robust and sustainable advertising architecture involves integrating new technology and techniques, finding the right buyers, efficiently managing the supply-side technology, and most importantly making all these decisions based on analytics and the market.

Core Services – Monetization Strategy & Operations

  • Advertising Software Administration
    • Inventory management
    • Tag management
    • Precision tuning of the ad stack to ensure maximization of revenue
    • Integrate new solutions and upgrade existing tech
    • Diagnosis and systematic troubleshooting of ad serving issues
  • Business Intelligence and strategy
  • Manage existing advertising vendors and establish new revenue sources
  • Data services – Collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. Deep dive analytics for accurate and ready to act intelligence
  • Traffic Quality Score – Tracking, monitoring, and inventory quality management to comply with audit standards

Core Services