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Ascendeum is a combination of a core team of highly experienced research-driven project managers and approved vendors from various fields across the digital landscape. Together we serve our clients both through strategic consulting and hands-on execution of ideas into reality. We started our journey in 2013 as two like-minded professionals inspired by the work of various researchers operating globally in the field of internet bot detection and prevention. It became a natural area of interest for us as a team because at that time we were involved directly with media companies for monetization of their digital assets through automatic demand.

In a span of few years, we expanded our research from building mathematical models analyzing the accuracy and correlation between various bot detection technologies, to understanding the new standards and norms upon which quality-scored-media was bought and sold, to doing all these things for other companies. We launched Ascendeum in September 2015, with a mission to provide business intelligence, planning, and project execution as a composite synchronized service for digital companies globally. We are committed to keeping our tradition of research and development alive. It is with that view in mind that we are picking up new challenges and ideas every single day from the digital industry. We are navigating our clients through this revolution by providing viable solutions and operational standards. Propelled by our approach to explore, evaluate and prototype, we are able to minimize the risk for our clients and deliver results that truly ensure a secure future of your digital business.

Ascendeum is incorporated in New jersey, has work-sites in Noida and Shoghi, and operates worldwide.

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